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I am currently working on a new Kickstart friendly ignition

please call for updates 

In the meantime the 1005  

or the DS6-2from Dynatek are good choices





*Base timing can be set wherever you need it to get optimum setting for kick-starting

*Total timing can be set to wherever you like for maximum performance depending on compression of your motor with the PC Link

*No weights to wear out - once it is set you never have to adjust it for wear

*VOES switch capability to prevent "pinging" and detonation on high-compression motors

*Starts in single-fire mode for easier kick-starting with use of single-fire coil


The following is directly from the Daytona Twin-Tec web page

Two advance curve families with adjustable advance slope accommodate stock to highly modified engines

Digitally set RPM limit (100 RPM steps)

Selectable single or dual fire mode

Selectable multi-spark mode for quick starting and smooth cruise

Coil outputs protected against short circuits

Optional PC Link cable and software for programming custom advance curve

Billet aluminum housing

The Model 1005K internal ignition unit is triggered from the stock timing rotor. The Model 1005K ignition replaces all components including the bulky wiring harness and external module. The resulting clean appearance is especially desirable on custom motorcycles.

The Model 1005 is constructed with a low profile machined billet aluminum housing. Four rotary switches are used to set the operating modes (such as single or dual fire, advance curve family, and multi-spark), adjust the timing advance, and select the RPM limit. Two diagnostic LEDs indicate status and the state of the vacuum switch (VOES). The status LED is also used for static timing, as it will flash when the engine reaches top dead center (TDC). 

The unit offers two advance curve families - street and race. You can also adjust the slope of the selected advance curve. The user can optimize the timing advance for a wide range of applications - from stock to highly modified engines. For details, including advance curves, you can download the installation instructions from our website.

Switch selectable single or dual fire mode allows you to initially install the unit and run it in dual fire mode with your stock coil. You can then easily upgrade to single fire by adding an appropriate coil. If you have a tach, it will continue to operate properly (some competitive systems require that you purchase a tach adapter).

A special feature allows use of the tachometer wire for a link to a laptop PC when the engine is not running.  While the customer does not require the PC link for any normal setup or operation, it can be used to access additional features for precise dyno tuning (such as programming a custom advance curve and setting rear cylinder timing offset). The PC link cable is sold separately, but Windows compatible software is available for download. The software will operate in demo mode without an ignition attached. 










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Last update   02/28/2018